Fine Print

1. PAYMENT: Payment for the tour must be made directly by the passenger or by the Tour Leader who is the passenger’s agent for the collection and remittance of tour payments. No other person is authorized to request, receive or collect payments. NEVERTHELESS, VERED HASHARON TOURS SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR GOOD FUNDS PAID TO AND RECEIVED BY VERED HASHARON TOURS (USA). A deposit of $250 per person is required at the time of booking. Balance of tour price must be received by September¬†15, 2016 to confirm reservations. Full payment received after September 15, 2016 is subject to a $50 late fee.

2. CANCELLATION CHARGES: No cancellation charges will be assessed prior to August 1, 2016, except for a $50 administrative fee. Cancelations made after August 1, 2016, will be assessed a $250 penalty in addition to cancellation fees charged by the airlines, hotels or other service providers.

3. INSURANCE: Travel insurance is recommended and may be purchased prior to departure.

4. REFUNDS: All claims for refunds must be made before departure in writing to the tour operator. On or after day of departure, no refunds will be made for services not used.

5. RESPONSIBILITY: VERED HASHARON TOURS agrees to arrange for the tour outlined in this contract which represents the agreement between the requesting travel agent or tour leader/organizer and VERED HASHARON. No changes or
deviations are effective unless authorized by an officer of VERED HASHARON. No other person is authorized to adjust, modify cancel or change this program or to make any representation or warranty concerning this tour. Except for willful negligence, VERED HASHARON assumes no responsibility for any injuries, damages, losses, accidents, delays, schedule changes, irregularity or incidental damages resulting from circumstances beyond the control of VERED HASHARON or by any person or reason, including but not limited to default or omission by any private or commercial carrier or third party providing services or facilities connected with this tour or any part thereof. VERED HASHARON assumes no responsibility for acts or omission on the part of the Tour Leader. The airlines or steamship lines are not to be held responsible for any act or omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board plane, ship or conveyance. The passenger contracts in use by the airline or steamship lines or other lines and passenger or purchaser of this tour and/or passage, when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and/or steamship line and the purchaser and/or passenger, and VERED HASHARON assumes no liability or any responsibility in connection therewith.

6. Price of the tour is based on airfare (including all tax and fuel surcharges) and hotel rates and currency exchange rate effective. If any changes occur, the tour price will change accordingly.