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Dr. Randy Weiss


Before he became the “respectable” Dr. Weiss: Randy was raised in an observant Jewish home in Gary, Indiana. In 1965, he joined a rock band. This led to heavy drug use; cocaine, LSD, crystal-meth, barbiturates, amphetamines, and everything in between from PCP to heroin experimentation. In 1972, he had dreams of fame after he cut his 1st record.

January of 1973, he eloped with a lovely young Italian girl leaving on a combination honeymoon & record promotion tour. Within a couple of weeks, his new wife climbed out of their hand-painted 1964 VW. Bug and left him. On his honeymoon, Randy read “The Late Great Planet Earth.” His life was forever altered. God delivered him from drugs, restored his new marriage, and called Randy to salvation and Christian ministry.

Since 1973, Randy has boldly proclaimed the truth of his Jewish Messiah. Family and friends were devastated by his transforming choice to serve the Lord. Nearly two years went by before his parents would communicate with him. At that time, the conversation related to court costs and his father’s intent to legally change Randy’s name. As you can imagine, it was a troublesome and painful situation.

Randy agreed to “go study with the Rabbis” to satisfy his parent’s wishes. As a result, he later earned a Master of Science in Jewish Studies degree from a well-respected Jewish institution. In that process of specialized study, Randy also learned about the Jewishness of the early Church. It drew him deeper into faith and education. His fascination with the Jewish connection to Christianity led to three undergraduate degrees, two masters degrees, and finally, two doctorates.


This intense academic process has served him well in Christian television. It has given him the research skills to disarm the most intellectual skeptics while sharing the simple truth of the gospel. Randy’s Jewish wit, his warm humor, and his provocative barbs are mixed with a deep sense of Jewish heritage, a commitment to excellence, and an unshakable faith in the God of Israel who gave us His son, Jesus.

The family of Randy and Adrienne Weiss now number 24 people of faith all living in the DFW Metroplex.  And every one of them wants you to know that God is faithful!


You can connect with Dr. Weiss on Facebook HERE

Pastor Joshua Weiss

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Joshua Weiss began his work in 1998 with CrossTalk International as the ministries graphic design artist and set designer.  He moved on to become the ministries primary video editor, cameraman and director of media relations in 2000 and has since edited over 200 episodes of CrossTalk International.  He moved into the role of the ministries primary producer in 2004.  Through his work as producer and editor within the ministry of CrossTalk, he has also produced the Today With God television series consisting of 37 half hour episodes and an introductory hour-long documentary that asks and answers the questions, “Who Is Jesus?”  Joshua now serves as head of productions for Excellence In Christian Broadcasting and is a partner in the company where he is also in the process of producing the new and exciting children’s TV series, “Wize Flix” and “April’s Storybarn.”  He and his wife, Nancy, serve as worship & media pastors at Abundant Life Assembly of God in Grand Prairie, TX and is an active member of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) through CrossTalk International. Joshua and Nancy have 3 great kids ages 10 and under, and live in Dallas, TX.

You can follow Josh’s blog at www.joshuadweiss.com or follow him on Twitter @joshuadweiss1

Pastor Benjamin Weiss

Pastor Ben married his high school sweetheart, Crystal Weiss, in 1996 and together they have been in ministry since Ben graduated from Christ for the Nations in 1997. Ben has served at Grace Community Foursquare Church in Southlake, TX as Youth Pastor, beginning in 2004, and Family Pastor, since 2009, prior to becoming the Senior Pastor in 2012. Pastor Ben also served the local Foursquare District Leadership for five years and continues to be a voice in our district by leading family camps. Ben and Crystal’s passion is to see Grace Community Church “Love God and Love People” through the Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They believe community activity is a foundational principle to furthering the Gospel and actively minister to Southlake and the surrounding communities. Pastor Ben and Crystal have three beautiful children and live in Roanoke, Texas.

You can follow Ben on Twitter @PastorBenWeiss

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